About Decorative Ceiling Panels

Jun 27th

Ceiling panels – If you want to make a dramatic statement to your decor or just get rid of the popcorn ceilings dotted corn, then decorative ceiling panels could be in your future. These panels come in a variety of designs to suit any decor. It is one of the finishing touches that make a good decoration of the room in a large room design. Consider decorative ceiling panels not only for the additional beauty or to hide an unpleasant feature, but also for practicality. These panels add extra insulation to keep the room cozy either summer or winter. They also help with the protection of sound and acoustics of the room. If you worry about waking the children due to the noise of a television program late at night, these decorative ceiling panels help relieve worry and dampen noise.

Wooden Ceiling Panels
Wooden Ceiling Panels

Get the finished or unfinished tiles. Some tiles come with metallic finishes, intricately painted patterns or designs on the panels. You can also get ceiling panels white design, if you want to paint your own.

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Install directly on the acoustic ceiling with adhesive, nails or staples if you do not have a suspended grid system. The network system is to false decorative ceiling panels. Use grids if the low roof is in good condition and cannot support the weight of the tiles. The gap between the true and the false ceiling roof provides an additional layer of insulation.

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